About the Davinci Project

The Davinci Project re-launched under new management on January 1, 2022. We are committed to developing the world's most secure and reliable digital asset transfer escrow service by mid-2023. We believe in decentralization and privacy, and we believe that creators should retain their wealth. We believe that blockchain represents a new paradigm in world history which can end totalitarianism across the globe. But first we must tackle the problems of trust.

The Token

The Davinci Coin, #DAC, is a pure blockchain cryptocurrency, equivalent to Bitcoin as a long-term store of wealth. DAC can be used as a means of payment for goods and services - anonymously - between parties across the world, and it will be used to compensate staff and contractors providing escrow services. Freed from coercion and theft, we believe that people will use their DAC wealth to advance the human commonwealth, reward artistry and artisanship, and to free each other from the shackles of slavery. With limited-supply, transparently distributed currency, everyone wins.

How to Help

The Davinci Project's new management team is not making any money from ICOs, pump-and-dump, or investment capital. 

We are committed to increasing the value of #DAC because it's the only way we profit  - if you do too!

The best way you can help the project is to buy and hold #DAC. Together, we are strong!


We are bringing the Davinci Project back as the world’s first cryptocurrency Phoenix Project ...


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